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When you grow up together, you just get thrown together. The first and only time he spent a weekend at my house, he showed up with a giant black hat that he had spent too much money on, which scared my parents, who wanted me to be observant, but wanted to make sure I stayed true to my own beliefs.

“50 First Dates”: Learning About Love After Modern Orthodoxy

With him, I got a taste of almost every type of Judaism. He was the first guy that I had any sort of physical relationship with. Once I left the bubble of yeshiva and found my footing in the secular world of college and dorms and parties, I realized that those other folks in my community—the ones who attended Orthodox, single-sex high schools—had it easy.

My friends whose schools were more Orthodox than Modern were having an easier go at college life because all they went to the same schools Queens, Stern, YU , never completely leaving the bubble. They dated within their community, with people who had the same level of romantic experience and the same expectations. Their rules of dating were clearly delineated. Most of them are married now.

Jewish Dating Advice

I was the one with the problem: I was dipping my feet in dating pools beyond my depth, with people who were far more experienced and comfortable than me. In my freshman year of college, my sculpture TA caught my eye. He walked into the studio with his newsboy cap and glasses, making me want to marry him. I lost all motor skills each time he approached my table.

Once I accidentally smashed my little statue.

All the single (Modern Orthodox) ladies

I saw it on an episode of Gilmore Girls. When the semester ended and we all went home for the summer, my big move was sending the TA a Facebook message confessing that I had a big-league crush on him—something a sixteen-year-old might do.

Needless to say, the relationship never blossomed, though we did stay in touch. My yeshiva left me with a pretty solid education, but almost no life skills. And so, I went on dates.

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I became a student of flirting, plate-sharing, coy glances, teasing. It is not just a matter of helping us find the right partners with whom to share our lives can I use this column as my own personal dating profile? Besides our internal feelings, one of the most difficult aspects of being single is the attitude of the Modern Orthodox community toward our professional and personal achievements.

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This could only be topped by a dati-leumi troglodyte in Jerusalem, who told me that I was forsaking God as a pious Jewish woman in diverting so much blood flow from my ovaries to my brain with my academic pursuits! At times, it feels like the Orthodox community would have singles stay in suspended adolescence until we stand under the huppah.

The Truth About Jewish Dating Rules | Jzoog

Based on this rule called Yichud, in hebrew , dating should preferably be conducted in a public place. Hurray for dinner dates! It could be a picnic in a public park or even a stroll around town.

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  • According to Jewish law there is a prohibition for an unmarried man and woman to have sex.