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Check out some of our favourite protein powders for quick and easy muscle building. Make sure you perform minutes of light to moderate cardio as a warm-up to this routine. Or better still, perform a dynamic warm-up that will loosen the joints and get the muscles ready. Remember, this workout is designed for more advanced exercisers, so if you're unsure of the move, go and do some research on how to perform it properly, start with a light weight and perfect form before loading up Arnie stylee. Start with a low weight, so you can focus on form and proper technique, and then gradually increase the load as you warm up.

Finish strong with a final heavy set of 5 repetitions. Focus on maintaining a straight and neutral spine at all times. Avoid hunching forward or hyperextending your lower back. The Deadlift mainly works the hips and legs if done properly," explains Freeletics main man John-Francis Kennedy. Load up a barbell with a light weight to begin with. Stand with the middle of your feet under the bar. Grab the bar with knuckles pointing outwards. Bend over without bending your legs, keeping a nice flat back, chin and head pointed forwards.

Drop into position by bending your knees until your shins touch the bar. Lift your chest and straighten your back by raising you chest and tighten those lats. Stand tall with your chest out and drag the bar up your shins. Your knees and hips should be locked out and your back should be nice and straight. In its most basic form, you would perform an air squat, where you simply squat down and return.

During the squat jump you sit your hips down and explode up - extending ankles, legs and hips until both feet are off the ground. Try to land with soft knees to decrease the impact on the body. Ensure the squat form is perfect throughout, including when your legs start to give out after umpteen reps. The lunge focuses on one leg at a time and is important to decrease any strength deficit you have between the right and the left leg," explains John-Francis. Focus on loading the front leg while taking a step back with the other leg.

Lower the torso down until the front leg is parallel with the floor. Try to keep the torso relatively upright and the shin of the leading leg almost vertical to the ground. If you feel confident with this movement, try to add weight by holding a set of dumbbells. Spring Fashions are coming get to the store and pick out a hot new outfit! The wedding's here already! What are you going to do? You know it's bad luck to let the groom see you getting ready, so be sure to get ready when he's out organizing the outdoor wedding! Alexandra just loves the Christmas season! She loves decorating her office and home with a variety of holiday flowers and giving extravagant gifts to her friends and family.

Last year, she bought One last kiss before a misunderstanding mars their love forever. A tale as old as time calls for timeless fashion. Get creative and stay chic in fantasy period costumes that scream romance! Sushi is art that you can eat, so why not chow down in style with some cute and colorful outfits both traditional and contemporary?

Emma loves to go to the gym so that she can stay fit and feel healthy. But today she's had a long day at work, so Emma wants to take it easy. But her personal trainer isn't having it. Blushing Bride Make Over. Blush yourself beautiful for one moment, one day, a lifetime.

Be the best bride you can in fancy lace veils and gorgeous gowns. Apply make-up and accessories for a one of a kind glamorous look. Decor My Baby Girl Crib. Amy is a brand new addition to the family, and since she hasn't been able to walk or talk yet, she needs a real professional to help her put together a beautiful baby bedroom!

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One of the great things about Barbie and Ken are their love for weddings. Ken is such a great guy that he lets Barbie dream up a variety of fun wedding games, wedding cake, and rush toward the alt In the sea of beautiful and totally unique snowflakes, it's almost always a good idea to steer clear of the key beauty tips from the other supermodels in the world today! If everybody is special, Miley Cyrus Real Makeover. Do you like Miley's current hairstyle?

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Or do you think the previous one was better? And how about the makeup and accessories she wears? Now you have a chance to show your makeover skills and offer This blushing bride didn't suffer from any wedding planning anxiety. She always knows who to talk to and when to talk. She has the perfect guy for baking the cake, she knows a girl who takes chea Anna thinks that you too can pick up the drawing skills if you make an effort. Hence, she is going to teach you how to drawn Anna and Kristoff Dating.

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Anna and Kristoff are like the cutest couple ever! Give them a fancy outfit for their date! Become productive in this Anna tailor game and learn how to make some awesome clothes using the designs you want. This way you will surely wear them with pride and everyone will be complementing yo Learn how to assemble your own bike in this Rapunzel bicycle game and you will get to ride them together once you build one for yourself as well.

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Pick out all the parts and decorate it afterwards. Elsa And Anna Brides. Elsa and Anna are getting married to the loves of their lives and the two beautiful sisters need your help on this special day. Join them in this new dress-up game and help them look stunning. Anna goes to High School. Frozen Anna is going to high school for the very first time.

She has a few outfits to choose from, but she is not sure which one would be the cutest for her first day. Can you help Anna from Frozen You will have lots of fun in this Anna wedding party game so get right to it and start assisting her with the party preparations as there are lots of things that you should consider.

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Princess Anna Messy Cleaning. Princess Anna Messy Cleaning is a frozen princess Anna themed game for girls. Princess Anna got frightened by marshmallow that she stumbled down and got completely messy. Clean up Anna by removing Lilly likes to escape reality with books, movies, or video games, but when she does, she always has dreams where she becomes the princess warrior or magical sorceress she's read about.

Best advanced workout for advanced exercisers: raise your gym game

Princess Anna Prom Party. Can you dressup princess Anna form Frozen for a prom party? Anna and Elsa first Halloween.

Princess Elsa and Anna had decided to celebrate their first Halloween season. This time they will wear spooky dresses. Hope you will give them a terror look!