I look too young for my age dating

I'm almost 33 , I completed my education 13 years ago, but I look and get mistaken for about 19 years of age, or a male in late adolescence. Everyone wants to smash the young girls anyways brah. I don't see a problem here. You this guy OP? Wear smart clothes, style your hair conservatively, grow some stubble. You should count yourself lucky to look that young though. We really need a pic to answer effectively. Originally Posted by AgRyan. Originally Posted by CanadianKush.

I look 14 brah, you just gotta act like sh! Misc Brotherhood Crew Your mental health and happiness matters to me! If you need help, please reach out via personal message.

Look too young to be taken serious and date men my own age.

I think we require a picture of op cross out eyes if you want to before we proceed any further I see this as an insecurity issue. You let other people judge you and you let them dictate how you feel because of how young you look for your age. Look, you feel somewhat guilty even before you start talking to women, and women can sense these insecurities.

I can even sense it from the way you write, your a nice guy and especially when the older women 'look down on you'. This happens is because your insecure. It shows more then you think, from the way you carry yourself, the way you doubt yourself because you feel women will not take you seriously, your body language.

(Closed) Look too young to be taken serious and date men my own age.

A mate of mine is 24 and he feels guilty just like you when he talks to 19 - 20 year old chicks. And when chicks ask his age, you should see how he reacts, like he kicked a baby or something really bad and guilty like he shouldn't be talking to them, and you know how bad it looks? It looks bad when I'm observing what he does, his super awkward. And girls are somewhat more observant then men, so I'd imagine it got amplified a lot more. This is an issue because YOU let it be an issue.

This is something you need to work on and accept. Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers, From the tumult of those who do iniquity, Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword. They hate us because of our freedom.

Start dressing and acting older or just go for the girls. Or you could just lie, if morality isn't a problem for you. I'm in the same boat as girls 15 years younger than me hit on me all the time, but once I reveal my age, they bolt. And like you, women my age are not what I'm looking for.

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But it's a great problem to have, and as mentioned, you should enjoy it while you can. I think even just the kind of face I have looks young. Most guys in their early and mid 20s annoy me to death, but some behave in a way I like. I'm dating a guy now who's 25, and I just adore him. He's sweet, charming, smart, giving, caring, etc. Well, I'm 44, and am always told I look early 30's.

It's a nice compliment, because nobody likes to grow old right?

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I was getting to know a 28 year old last spring. But I kind of kept it friendly because I didn't know that we would be all that compatible. Of course, this was based solely on his age, sigh, I should have given him a chance In any case, I think my mind is more open now and I learned that lesson. It's the person's maturity level that attracts me, not their number of years on earth. All times are GMT The time now is The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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  • If you LOOK young, should you date young? Originally Posted by iris I'm not sure what look younger has to do with dating younger. Originally Posted by iris Looking young for your age can hinder you in dating actually. Originally Posted by january I look younger than my age but have a strong preference to date someone who is at most only few years older and who also looks young but not too young. Originally Posted by oaks The girl I've been dating lately got carded twice in the last few weeks when buying alcohol. Man's youthful looks lead to dating frustrations. I have a dilemma.

    Even though I was born in , people always assume that I'm in my mids. I tend to attract girls in their early 20s, and when they ask how old I am, I counter with "How old do you think I am? When I tell these to year-olds the truth, it's a complete turnoff.

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    Just last night I had to endure — that's endure, not Ensure — my third brush-off at the hands of a hot year-old girl in a row! So what's an apparent senior citizen like myself to do? Do I just wait hopelessly for the dreaded question to come up? Do I blurt out "I'm old" as soon as a woman walks up to me?

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    Do I take measures to try to look my age? You're probably wondering why I don't just go for women closer to my own age. Women my own age tell me that they're looking for serious relationships and I look way too young for that and they worry that my looks mean I'm a total player!