Matchmaking wwe 13

For all the additions they made to 13 as far as creating shows and arenas and whatnot, they really dropped the ball on universe, which was advertised as being even better then before.

nL Live on - WWE 13 Attitude Era Mode [Part 1]

And I have had teams and faction members in rivalires with each other yet they are still kept as a team or stable, but in 12 if a fued started between teammates the team would break up. At a guess I think adding too many shows is what is confusing the the game. I can't prove it but in 12 when you could only have the 3 shows a week andf the PPV universe seemed to work much better.

I only use three shows, i have added none, yet I experience the exact same problems you're discussing. I haven't experienced any of those problems. Booking my flight to Pasadena! So you don't play Universe? No, I've just never experienced the problems you guys are talking about. I've had problems in Universe, but nothing near as bad as what you guys are saying. If you, as you say, "always play Universe" then you HAVE experienced Universe never having tag teams wrestle as, you know, a tag team.

Those are two things Universe loves to do.

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I've had stable people face each other but rarely a tag team get split and face each other. Also, I don't seem to have any issues with the tag teams I have wrestling as a tag team.

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But here's the thing. Even in the real thing, tag teams get split up a ton for weird "no meaning" matches. At least they used to in the "older days". Sure, I get weird matches like everybody else. Some make me scratch my head but that's only because I'm going off of what I know.

This game doesn't mirror TV. Once I convinced myself of that, things became a bit more interesting. I guess in the long run, it all depends on how much leeway you're willing to give the CPU to see where it's going. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? How does momentum work? I've got wrestlers who keep getting bumped up in the rankings for no reason. A few of my wrestlers always seems to get a boost in momentum no matter what.

I've been losing with them and they still doesn't lose any. It's like the cpu just picks certain people from your rosters and does whatever with them. I use all CAWs. This is my 3rd try at universe.

Matchmaking wwe 13

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Sounds like a bunch of you picked it up on Black Friday and were really hyped. Wanted to make a consolidated thread on it, as the games might get a. Matchmaking is alive and well!! Du er ikke logget inn.

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