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Sometimes it works, but a lot of times it ends up leading to big problems. If something seems off, trust your instinct. Listen to your gut.

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Do not allow yourself to get so wrapped up in romance or the idea of something that you ignore everything else. Like, a really clear record — this is not the time to evasive or elusive. This should include copies of your passport, travel documents, addresses where you will be staying and who you will be with.

If this changes while you are traveling, update someone at home with the information. If you will be meeting someone new, get as much of their information as possible. Where they live address , their full name, birthday, parents names, as much information as you can. Ask them for a copy of their national ID card.

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Protect yourself first and foremost. Talk with your friends and family before you travel to give them a rough timeline of your plans. Let them know how often you will try to check in. Do NOT trust someone at face value. You should do some research to know not only who the person you are meeting us but learn about the place you are going. Make sure you have the numbers for your embassy or foreign mission.

You also should research ahead of time so that you know how to reach them, not only by phone but physically. Is there a bus route? Do you need a taxi? Make sure that you have money available to do this. Likewise, if you are meeting someone new it is advisable that you book a hotel room or private accommodation. It means having to look at things a lot more long term and seriously earlier on than 'normal' couples do. I flew to his country.

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I wanted to see where he lived, what his life was like. I can appreciate how going to a halfway spot makes some sense, but cripes I really wanted to get to know him better! Also, you may end up spending a LOT more time in his country so check it out. This all applies in reverse. Try to not get in a situation where one person may feel overly indebted or resentful or the relationship is unbalanced.

This is really important because at some point one or both of you may have to leave everything behind so that you can be together. This is a big ask, of both of you. I moved, was totally scared and excited and hopeful So, I flew to him. Then he flew to me.

6 Things You Should Do When Meeting Someone Overseas

Repeat a few times. I have ended up immigrating to his country, but I know if I asked him to move to mine, he would, happily. Knowing this makes all the difference. It just came down to what life brought us jobs mostly. It's expensive and difficult to visit each other? Yes, get used to it and be prepared for this to probably not end. Even after you're living together, if you want to keep in touch with family you're flying home every year or two. Back to the initial meeting: Be prepared for things to go wrong.

Talk openly about these things with him and come up with plans. I had names and numbers of people I could go stay with if things went wrong. I had a plane ticket I could change anytime. It was a good start to an honest, communicative relationship. Sharing costs is another good discussion. If you share costs, what possible expectations and resentments could arise if it doesn't work out.

Keep track of dates, don't overstay your visa, document your relationship. You'll need all this for immigration later.

Manage being in different time zones by creating a consistent schedule for communication. If you set aside a specific time of day to talk or chat, this will help you feel connected with your partner. Furthermore, if you agree to specific times for communicating and set these times aside, free from interruption, it will help ensure that you always have time for each other.

Investigate the specific immigration, visa and tourist laws and regulations of each of your countries. Depending on the country issuing each of your passports, the rules and regulations about entering the country and how long you can remain for any given visit will vary.

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Some countries will require that you apply in advance for a tourist visa, while other countries share treaties that allow easy travel back and forth. For example, Canadians and Americans can visit each other's countries for up to six months at a time without applying for special visas. Carefully abide by the laws, as a violation could result in being unable to visit each other's countries. There are a number of ways to collect travel points to make traveling more affordable. Various credit cards offer travel rewards, including travel points for specific airlines or points that can be used as cash toward any form of travel.

In addition to credit cards that provide travel rewards, there are also a number of loyalty programs that can help you earn points for travel. For example, flying on specific airlines will help you earn points redeemable for flights on the same airline or group of airlines. Oftentimes, these loyalty programs also will allow you to earn additional points by presenting the card when making specific purchases, such as for gas, hotel stays or groceries.

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