Youtube dating website

YouTube started as an online dating site

I t's one of the most-visited sites in the world, but YouTube didn't always plan on being an all-conquering video portal. The platform was originally destined to be a dating site , designed for singles to upload videos of themselves talking about what they were looking for in a partner, according to co-founder Steve Chen, talking at South by Southwest in Texas. C hen revealed that YouTube was registered on February 14 , Valentine's Day, but when not a single user had uploaded a video five days later, Chen and fellow founders Jawed Karim and Chad Hurley decided to open it up to all kinds of clips.

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10 Fascinating YouTube Facts That May Surprise You

Later its leaders tried focusing on transmitting money via Personal Digital Assistants. It took years for them to become the online payment system we know today.

When Facebook first launched, it was only open to college students. While some users probably preferred that, it left little room for growth.


Odeo began as a network where people could find and subscribe to podcasts. Today we call it Twitter. Nintendo once sold all sorts of things, including vacuum cleaners and instant rice, and operated a hotel and a taxi company. Rather than focusing on what got them started, they switched gears and dumped the barbecue. Kleenex has a similar famous story; it was invented as a disposable cleaning cloth. Women wrote in saying they found it valuable as a disposable handkerchief. Chance - Everyone has random bits of good luck in life.