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The initial sequence of numbers for the Solid Rib was to Skeet Model numbers were - , and the Trap Model numbers were to The special sequences for the Solid Rib were abandoned by when they were included in the General pump listing. The Trap Model was returned to the general listing by as the Target Grade.

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The Skeet Grade was discontinued after They were reverted back to the original shell stops that year. All these Model 37's had the serial number prefix of By all means though buy his book on the I learned more about the Ithaca 37 in four nights of reading that book than I had in 40 years of shooting and loving them!!!

Sun May 08, Sat Jul 02, 4: Or, is it a ?

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I am ignorant in Ohio. Sun Jul 03, If it is a standard M 37 it does indeed mean it was made in The dash does mean the choke designation.

The numbers on the barrel are. I've been hooked on this site for years now. There are some very well informed fellas here who are quite willing to share their knowledge. Knowing that Ithaca made X number of model37's in a given year is very helpful. But if I'm looking at an older Ithaca model 37, how would I find out if it's in original configuration as shipped from the factory.

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For somebody just looking for a shotgun it isn't going to matter. For somebody looking to collect it is.

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  • I'm not sure such records exist. If they do, I would be interested. Maybe a forum header about model variations or links to the information would be helpful. Mon Oct 24, 7: Sounds like you got a job to do Chuck Findley Chuck Findley's Profile.

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    Thu Nov 10, 7: Fri Nov 11, 1: Tue Nov 29, I own a Ithaca 51 Magnum 12 Gauge serial number When was it made? I have been hunting with it since