Dating and marriage traditions in ireland

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As the saying goes,. When February birds do mate, you may wed, nor dread your fate. If you wed when March winds blow, joy and sorrow both you'll know. Marry in April when you can, joy for maiden and for man. Marry in the month of May, you will surely rue the day. Marry when June roses blow, over land and sea you'll go. They who in July do wed, must labor always for their bread.

Irish Wedding Traditions

Whoever wed in August be, many a change are sure to see. Marry in September's shine, your living will be rich and fine. If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry. If you wed in bleak November, only joy will come, remember. When December's rain fall fast, marry and true love will last. Handfasting In this ancient Celtic tradition, the hands of the bride and groom are literally tied together to symbolize the joining of husband and wife.

It's the origin of the phrase "tying the knot. Larissa Cleveland on Snippet and Ink via Lover. Start off dinner with a potato soup. Carry a Horseshoe Add some good luck to your wedding day with a horseshoe. Incorporate a horseshoe in your bouquet, wear a horseshoe necklace, or sew a small porcelain version inside your gown. Add a sprig of English lavender; it symbolizes love and devotion. And herbs stand for the bride's fidelity to her new husband.

Irish Wedding Traditions, customs, getting married in Ireland

Another one of the most popular wedding flowers in Ireland is the Bells of Ireland:. Scott Piner on Southern Weddings via Lover. Allyson Magda on Snippet and Ink via Lover. Irish Blessings Kick off the evening by having the father of the bride offer an Irish blessing:. May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace. May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase. May the saddest day of your future Be no worse than the happiest day of your past. May your hands be forever clasped in friendship And your hearts joined forever in love.

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Your lives are very special, God has touched you in many ways. May his blessings rest upon you And fill all your coming days. Bells A traditional wedding gift for Irish couples, the chime of the bell is said to keep evil spirits away. Ring a bell together after reciting your vows. As you venture into married life, keep your wedding bells in a safe place at home; if you argue, ring the bell and it'll remind you of your wedding vows.

Other ways to include the chime: Hand out bells to your guests and have them ring away as you exit the ceremony or reception. Ladies in ballgowns and chaps in penguin suits seen at these formal revelries, always in January. It was considered terribly progressive when women started to wear strapless frocks, held up, it was said "by willpower". Some of those attending these occasions were, admittedly, already married.

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Couples were encouraged to participate, and businesses and corporations thought it helped lift working morale to host a dress dance. But it was evidently a mating ritual, to which you might take a putative sweetheart, or you might meet one. Then, the "dress dance" just tailed off and virtually disappeared. Was it the onset of the Swinging Sixties and the advent of the discotheque that put it out of fashion?

Or was it the decline of Lenten practices? Like Mardi Gras itself, the whole point of the January mating rite was that February would bring Lenten austerity, and there would be no dancing, partying, feasting or drinking.

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Once Lent was weakened - by the Catholic church, keen to seem less stern - there was little point in such jollities. Did "dating" replace the various figures of speech for courtship at around the same time? Where's the spice of life without a little danger? The phrase has fallen somewhat out of favour since "doing a line", in other societies, means putting cocaine up your nose.

When did "dating", as such, appear? The notion of a "date" was in currency ever since the appearance of American films. But it must have been something slightly daring at one point, because stage comics would crack mildly naughty jokes which confused the Oriental fruit known as the date, with a romantic assignation.

There must have been a moment when "courtship" was replaced by "dating"; and when "being in a relationship" meant "spoken for" which meant "an understanding". I think dating is lovely and romantic and a great way to test attraction between two people. But mores always change, and where "courtship" automatically meant a prelude to marriage, "dating" may not mean any such thing.

A date may lead to a relationship, but wedding bells are not necessarily envisaged at all. Nowadays, the parents of young people who are "dating" know well that they mustn't make inquiries about the couple's intention.

What are the dating and marriage traditions in ireland

The modern protocol is that parents must not interfere: They all also know when the relationship breaks up - be it formalised or not - especially when son or daughter arrives back home to live with Ma and Pa again. Sexual mores were, as usual, the agency of change. In times of courtship, the young couple might be "curtin'" with intimacies variously described as "petting", "necking", and at the genteel end of the spectrum, "murmuring sweet nothings" , but they were not expected to be in a full sexual relationship.

The agony aunts of the entire world issued dire warnings against such recklessness: The rules of dating and relationships are bound to be much more fluid today because, basically, there are no rules imposed by any exterior authority. Respect for privacy is established as a human right so any individual over the age of 17 is free to set their own protocols in the pursuit of a date. A man can invite a woman, a woman can invite a man, people can invite same-sex others.